Hindriyanto D. Purnomo, S.T., MIT., Ph.D.

HindriNIDN: 0619118001

Ph.D : Chung Yuan Christian University, Taiwan, 2013

MIT: The University of Melbourne, Australia, 2009

S.T: Gadjah Mada University, Indonesia, 2005


Research interest

  • Applied Soft Computing
  • Metaheuristics


International Journals

National Journals


Conferences & Forums

  • H.D. Purnomo, & H.M. Wee, (2011), New Meta-heuristic Method to Solve Supply Chain Configuration Problems, International Conference on Industrial Transformation, Urbanization, and Human Security in the Asia-Pacific, Taipei, Taiwan, January 14-15.

  • H.D. Purnomo, & H.M. Wee, (2010), Golden ratio for multidimension and multimodal optimization problems, 2010 Greening Optimization Forum, National Tsing Hua University, Hsinchu, Taiwan Dec 10-13.

  • Y. Praharsi, H.D.Purnomo & H.M Wee, (2010), An Innovative Heuristic for Joint  Replenishment Problem with Deterministic and Stochastic Demand, International Conference on Innovation and Management, Penang , Malaysia, July 7-10  (best paper).

  • H.D.Purnomo, Y. Praharsi & H.M Wee, (2010), Collaborative Information for Supply Chain Management Enhancement, The 2010 International conference in Management Science and Decision Making, Tamkang University, Taiwan, May 22.


Books and Book Chapters



  • Monitoring and decision support system design on broiler poultry partnership, 2014, UKSW grand, No. 035/Penel./Rek/5/II/2014.
  • Design and implementation of Smart Poultry Farm Management System for Poultry Farm Partnership,, 2015- , DIKTI grand, No 001/K6/KM/SP2H/Penelitian_batch-1/2015, (on going)


Awards and honors

  • Selected honorary member of The Phi Tau Phi Scholastic Honor Society of The Republic of China by CYCU in 2013

  • Best paper (as co-author) at International Conference on Innovation and Management, Penang , Malaysia, July 7-10, 2010 

  • Best Research Proposal (Usulan Penelitian Bersaing ), Gadjah Mada University, 2003


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H.D. Purnomo, H.M. Wee, & Y. Praharsi, Two inventory review policies on supply chain configuration problem, Computers & Industrial Engineering, vol 63, pp. 448-455, 2012, doi: 10.1016/j.cie.2012.03.011,(SCI)