Implementasi Teknologi Java Media Framework (JMF ) Untuk Komunikasi Suara

Ferdynand Kesi Tandawuja, Wiranto Herry Utomo, Theophillus Erman Wellem

Demanding to get information by simple and quickly is just one requirement that wouldn't avoid again, with the technology information that look it up at now could be support the human for receive and give information as quickly and effective. Even today the technology begin move to sending information that might could be represent an communications encoded by multimedia built in real time. JMF it is interface multimedia application that developed by SUN MICROSYSTEM and could be apply for all operation system into using do not accordance that too much. How it this, will be implemented any voice application or voice by technology JMF implemented till every computer that found in the office room or building through networking ( LAN ) as Peer to Peer could be communicated to one and each other.

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Penentuan Lokasi Fasilitas Gudang Menggunakan Fuzzy C – Means ( FCM )

Eko Sediyono, Indrastanti Ratna Widiasari, Milasari

There are many methods used in solving the decision of warehouse location. One of the methods is Fuzzy C-Means (FCM) because it is one of the reliable methods in solving the problem of warehouse location determination. The research process employs input data of the number of warehouse that will be built, the number of markets, location which is represented by coordinate (x,y), weight (the importance rate of the markets‟s presence), the expected smallest error, weighted square, maximum iteration. The parameters will be processed to resolve the warehouse locations using Fuzzy C-Means method. From the experiment, the result is obtained in form of optimal warehose locations.

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Integrasi Data dengan Framework OGSA-DAI

Wiranto H. Utomo

Data integration refers to the activity a person, or a computer program, performs to com-bine two or more data set together. The aim of the combination is to create a single dataset that another computer program is able to analyze and generate information used for scientific re-search. OGSA-DAI is a grid middleware that facilitates the sharing of data and allowing users to construct workflows that commonly consist of database query, dataset transformations and data-set delivery. Using OGSA-DAI framework, this research has been successfully deploy data ser-vice, data resource or MySQL database and Microsoft SQL Server database, expose data re-source, and build client toolkit to access data resource.

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Perancangan dan Implementasi Sistem Informasi Geografis Kekurangan Gizi pada Balita di Kecamatan Tingkir Salatiga

Danny Manongga, Frederik Samuel Papilaya, Elvina Rahardjo

Geographic Information System (GIS) is a computer based system used to manage data contains spatial information. This research focusing on how to build application system based on GIS to supply accurate information of Kecamatan Tingkir Salatiga area which experience lack of food and nutrition. The output shown as a user-friendly graphical map information. This informa-tion is needed by the Health Department to recognize the issue in order to make fast and accurate decision to take action accordingly. The result is the number of Batita (baby up to three years of old age) in good nutrient bigger than the number of Batita whose lack of nutrient.

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Implementasi Algoritma Ternary Search Tree dan Teknologi Grafis Berbasis Vektor untuk Interpretasi Alfabet Pitman Shorthand

Irwan Sembiring, Theophilus Wellem, Gloria Saripah Patara

Pitman shorthand system is one of the most popular of nowadays shorthand systems. It has been taught and widely used throughout the world to help the stenographers in improving the writing speed. In this research, a Pitman shorthand‟s alphabets interpretation mobile system is established purposely to ease the stenographers in interpreting the shorthand script into English text. The outlines are interpreted using dictionary-based approach. This system can display alphabet list, so that it also can be used by the students who wish to learn this shorthand system. All symbols are rendered with JSR-226 (Scalable Vector Graphics API). The system implements Ternary Search Tree (TST) algorithm to improve data searching speed. According to the experiments,the system can successfully interpret inputted alphabets up to 71.95%.

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Perbandingan Steganografi Metode Spread Spectrum dan Least Significant Bit (LSB) Antara Waktu Proses dan Ukuran File Gambar

 M.A Ineke Pakereng, Yos Richard Beeh, Sonny Endrawan

Steganografi adalah salah satu cara mengamankan pengiriman pengiriman pesan. Spread spectrum dan least significant bit (LSB) adalah metode steganografi umum yang sering digunakan. Masukan dari proses embedding tersebut akan menjadi file gambar jenis BMP dan JPEG dan file teks, sedangkan keluaran akan menjadi sebuah file teks. Hasil file gambar pem-banding antara masukan dan keluaran tidak menunjukkan perubahan yang signifikan, seperti untuk file teks. Metode LSB memiliki proses embedding dan proses ekstraksi lebih cepat dari-pada spread spectrum. Namun untuk spread spektrum, keamanan lebih baik dibandingkan den-gan LSB. Hasil dari proses embedding gambar jenis BMP tidak akan jauh berbeda dari gambar aslinya jika dibandingkan dengan JPEG karena jenis BMP telah dipadatkan.

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Semantik Web sebagai Solusi Pemecahan Masalah Promosi Kepariwisataan di Indonesia

Andeka Rocky Tanaamah,  Theophilus Erman Wellem

The poor information provided in Indonesian tourism has been the obstacle in developing this are of business. However, the development of information technology becomes gold opportunity for the growth of Indonesia tourism. This technology belongs to the semantic web technology, which has more advances than web technology. Semantic web technology is an application that has high database support capability and also can applied on the great quantity machines. By applying this semantic web in this field, the tourism problems in Indonesia will be solved, especially in term of increasing the number of foreign tourist to Indonesia.